Ghostwire: Tokyo First Xbox Update Out Now, Includes 'Performance Enhancements'

The first update for the Xbox version of Ghostwire: Tokyo has arrived today, with the most notable addition to this update being the arrival of "performance enhancements", aiming to improve how the game runs on Series X|S.

These enhancements even include a new HFR Performance Graphics Mode for Xbox Series S users:

"We’ve added various optimizations to improve overall game performance, particularly on Xbox consoles—including an HFR Performance Graphics Mode for Xbox Series S, which should result in a smoother experience when enabled. You can find this new setting under Options > Graphics."

Aside from this, it's fairly minimal stuff including an expanded underground art gallery near the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, as well as a whole bunch of bug fixes. Here's a bit more about that gallery update:

"In the Spider’s Thread Update, we added an art gallery near the Shibuya Scramble Crossing to display the winning entries in our Ghostwire: Tokyo Photo Mode Contest. In this update, we’ve expanded the underground gallery include works from the Tango Gameworks Concept Artists, such as the seasonal artwork that you might have seen on our social media channels, and concept art for the Spider’s Thread Update!"

It'll be interesting to see how this first Xbox update for Ghostwire: Tokyo affects the performance on Series X and Series S, as there was a fair bit of criticism back at launch - with Digital Foundry even calling it a "big disappointment".

Give it a try for yourself, and let us know if you've noticed any improvements down in the comments below!

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