Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is officially out in the wild as of today, which means players across all platforms have been experiencing what Respawn's brand new Star Wars sequel has to offer.

While initial reviews for the game have been nothing short of fantastic for the most part, there have been some grumblings about technical issues on pretty much every platform - even on PC. The dev team has already begun pushing patches out to smooth things over, but the game is still not in perfect shape at the time of writing.

So, we've dug into the game on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to see how the two versions of the game stack up. Right now, Xbox Series X contains two graphical modes (one 60FPS, one 30FPS), while Xbox Series S features just one 30FPS mode. We've compared all options across a variety of different gameplay scenarios in the video up above.

What do you think to Survivor's performance on Xbox consoles? Leave your thoughts on our findings down below.