Starfield Leak Reveals First Look At Stunning New Xbox Controller

Update: Unfortunately, this amazing Starfield controller might not be official. Details are still very limited, but according to the person who shared these images over on ResetEra, the person who took them appears to be a "customisation enthusiast", so there's a good chance it's just an extremely well-designed custom controller.

We'll obviously let you know if we get any further confirmation about this in the future.

"Someone is selling this on a Chinese website, and the seller says he got it last month, but in his profile shows that he's a customization enthusiast, so I think it might just be a custom one."

Original story: It looks like we may have an official Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller on the way, as images have been doing the rounds on the web over the past few hours following an apparent leak. If this is the real deal, it's definitely a must-have!

Here's a look at the images that have surfaced, courtesy of an Imgur gallery:

Obviously we don't have any other details for the time being, but on first glance this at least seems to be an official product. We're assuming we might hear more at the Starfield Direct event taking place this July.

Let's hope it's official, anyway - we're absolutely loving the look of this!

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