Poll: Do You Think Starfield Will Contain A 'Performance Mode' On Xbox Series X|S?

Unless you've been living under a rock since, err... about this time yesterday, you'll have seen Arkane's announcement that Redfall will only run at 30FPS on launch day. A Performance Mode patch is planned for after release, but as things stand the team is only aiming for a 30FPS Quality Mode on day one.

This revelation has led to fans questioning whether the game should actually launch in just a few short weeks on May 2nd. It's safe to assume the game is basically ready to go at this stage, but the Xbox community is starting to discuss whether a delay would stand to benefit both Redfall and Arkane Studios.

However, this announcement also has us thinking about Xbox's upcoming 2023 lineup and what else might skip any kind of 60FPS mode. We know Forza Motorsport will run at 60 (that's been a Turn 10 staple for years now as well), but we're starting to think 30 might be the target for more complex titles. That leaves us with the inevitable question: will Starfield manage 60FPS on Xbox Series X|S?

Given Bethesda's launch day history we're starting to think 60FPS might be a tall order - at least on day one. Debates are already raging here at Pure Xbox HQ as to whether we'll ever see 60FPS Starfield on console; don't get us wrong, we'd love to see it, but we know how huge and complex Bethesda RPGs are!

As the debate rages on, we want to know what your stance is on the matter. Do you think Starfield will launch with two modes of play? Will 60FPS come after launch at some stage, or will the game always be limited to 30FPS on console?

Vote in the poll down below and (please!) try not to fight in the comments section!

Will Starfield Contain A 60FPS Performance Mode On Xbox? (792 votes)

  1. Yep, on day one. This is Xbox's big 2023 release and it needs a solid 60FPS mode!27%
  2. It'll contain a performance mode, but it won't be a consistent 60FPS18%
  3. I think they'll add a performance mode after launch13%
  4. I just can't see Bethesda managing 60FPS, but I'd love to be proved wrong!27%
  5. No way, Starfield is a 30FPS game through and through15%