Some of you may have seen a newly revealed first-person shooter called 'Unrecord' doing the rounds on social media and various other sites recently. The hyper realistic 'bodycam' FPS is really catching people's imaginations right now - in large part due to how good the game's graphics look. Well, if the game is actually real, it looks like it could be coming to Xbox some day.

Is Unrecord Coming To Xbox?

Tucked into the dev team's Unrecord Discord channel is a small note on planned platforms. Right now the game is available to wishlist on Steam, but other platforms are being "considered" too. Here's the full FAQ answer:

"Unrecord will be released on PC, and we are considering other platforms. We want to reach as many players as possible while providing a high-quality experience. Platform availability will be updated."

So, an Xbox version of Unrecord isn't currently announced, but the team is looking at other platforms for the future and is hoping to expand its potential playerbase.

Will Unrecord Come To Xbox Game Pass?

Unrecord developer DRAMA hasn't mentioned Xbox Game Pass at all right now, but combing through that above answer could give us a hint. The team wants "to reach as many players as possible" with Unrecord, and subscription services like Xbox Game Pass could help with that. Nothing is confirmed for Game Pass right now, but here's hoping that maybe one day we could see Unrecord on Game Pass!

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any further information on Unrecord and a potential Xbox release, but for now, we'll leave some of the game's jaw-dropping PC screenshots down below.

Do you think this game is real? Could you see it come to Xbox? Let us know what you think of Unrecord!