It's been a long time coming, hasn't it? Finally, the team behind Dead Island 2 can label something a 'Launch Trailer' almost a decade on from the game's first reveal in 2014. Yep, the title is actually coming to Xbox this week, and we've been treated to another look at the blood-soaked zombie-fest ahead of release.

As expected, the Dead Island 2 launch trailer features lots and lots of splattered zombie guts as Dambuster Studios goes all-in on this game's crazy concept. You want to dropkick zombies in high class Beverly Hills housing? You've come to the right place.

Dead Island 2's gross & fleshy zombie deformation system is once again on full show as well, as whoever is playing here goes to town on these creatures around various parts of 'HELL-A'. You should be able to find plenty of creative ways to take out the undead in Dead Island 2!

We certainly did so during our hands-on time with the game last month, which we wrote all about in a recent preview. We'll drop a link to that write-up down below.

Are you still hyped for Dead Island 2 almost 10 years later? Let us know if you're picking this one up!