The reaction to Metal: Hellsinger seems like it's been a bit divided ever since it arrived on Xbox Game Pass back in September of last year, but we've been having a great time with it, and now we're excited to pick up the new DLC!

That DLC is called Metal: Hellsinger - Dream of the Beast, which you can grab on the Xbox Store right now for just £3.29 / $3.99, and Game Pass members even get a discount! Here's what to expect:

"Dream of the Beast raises hell to new heights of mayhem thanks to two new songs, a new weapon, and three outfits that affect gameplay.

Slay to the explosive tracks performed by Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil and Will Ramos from Lorna Shore. Put the fear of the beat into the denizens of hell with the new machine gun weapon and look like a true demon rock star using one of three outfits."

It's obviously not a massive amount of content, but feedback has nevertheless been excellent so far, with the DLC currently boasting a "Very Positive" rating on Steam and receiving plenty of praise across social media:

If you haven't tried Metal: Hellsinger and you're wondering what it's like, you can check out our review from last year where we gave the game a "Great" 8/10, calling it a "slick and addictive rhythm FPS with style and attitude to spare":

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