gears 2

The Coalition has seemingly been working away on its next Gears of War game for a few years at this point, with Gears 5 launching back in 2019. While we've not seen any kind of real 'Gears 6' announcement just yet, a key developer from the Xbox 360 days of the franchise has seemingly returned to work on it.

Developer Joshua Ortega has cropped up on Twitter to remind us all of the work he once did on the Gears franchise. This time, he's added the line "Once again it’s on!"

When asked by fans whether he's "back with Gears", Ortega appeared to hint that he is indeed working on Gears of War again in some capacity.

For now, we don't know of his true involvement in development, but if recent reports are to be believed, The Coalition is now full steam ahead on Gears 6 after reportedly cancelling some other internal projects.

Ortega worked as a writer and co-director on Gears of War 2, co-writer on Gears of War 3 and more, including spin-off comic book content. We'd welcome back such an influential figure for the franchise anyway - those two Xbox 360 titles were among the best Gears games ever made!

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