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Activision Blizzard's latest financial report is now out for public viewing, or at least a summarised version of it is via the company's investor website. New ActiBlizz financials means one surefire thing - plenty of talk about Call of Duty.

Alongside lots of boasting about how much money last year's Modern Warfare 2 made — along with the series' suite of microtransactions raking it in of course — the company has been keen to assure its investors that another game is coming. Yep, you heard it here first - Activision has confirmed that another premium Call of Duty title will launch this year.

"Across the Call of Duty franchise, our teams are working to amplify the success of the fourth quarter, with 2023 plans including even more engaging live services across platforms and the next full annual premium release in the blockbuster series."

Normally this would hardly be news would it, if we're honest, but 2023's release does throw up a few question marks. We'd heard numerous reports that this year's release wouldn't be a traditional CoD game, with Treyarch (the next dev team in line to launch) supposedly aiming for 2024 instead, granting themselves an extra year of dev time.

Well, it's looking that could still be the case. This isn't confirmed, nor are the previous reports on proceedings, but Call of Duty outlet CharlieIntel is putting it out there that this year's CoD game won't be from Treyarch.

So, where does that leave this year's release? Well, speculation has been rife that 2022's Modern Warfare 2 would be getting a second of year of post-launch content this time around, and that could equate to some sort of 'premium release' in Activision's eyes. There's always a chance we may see another remaster as well, potentially for Modern Warfare 3 as we have seen MW1 and MW2 Campaign remasters in recent years, but that's speculation on our part for now.

It looks like we'll have to wait for any further news with bated breath, then, at least for the time being. One thing's for sure though - we're getting more Call of Duty in some form in 2023.

Should Call of Duty take a year off instead for 2023? Leave your thoughts on the matter down below.