COD 2023

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has proved another annual juggernaut for Activision, breaking opening weekend sales records yet again. Even so, the publisher has already been looking ahead to next year's release in its Q3 2022 financial overview.

Tucked into their fiscal results are a few notes about Call of Duty in 2023. Activision says that it'll be delivering the goods across plenty of formats, including "the most robust" live service plan in the franchise, new free-to-play experiences, and finally confirming a "full premium release" for next year.

That last tidbit in particular is a curious one. We've been led to believe from multiple reports that Call of Duty was planning on skipping its normal annual release in 2023, instead returning in 2024 with developer Treyarch at the helm. However, it's clear Activision has some sort of paid premium launch planned.

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has backed up the above report while reacting to this news. Schreier says that Treyarch is indeed bringing the next full CoD game in 2024, however Vanguard developer Sledgehammer is building a full-on expansion for MW2 in 2023, which Activision could be referring to as its premium release for next year.

Of course, Schreier's words aren't official and should be treated as rumour for now, but it's clear that in some form, we're getting new paid Call of Duty content in 2023!

What do you make of all this news? Happy to potentially see an MW2 expansion next year? Let us know down below.