Blood Bowl 3 launched on Xbox last week, and unfortunately the reviews haven't been overly great so far, with the game sitting on a Metacritic high of 58 right now. The reception from its player base hasn't been ideal either, with the team already responding to fan complaints about the state of the game.

One huge issue so far has been server problems, which have prevented players from being able to log in, stay connected, and even unlock certain parts of the game. While a patch has already been deployed to try and combat some of these issues (on PC at least), it's still not entirely smooth. Cyanide Studio seems to be hard at work fixing the game up though, as detailed in a new community update.

"We’d like to start with where the game is at launch and what players can expect from us as we move forward. We know there are some features missing that players expect, being able to reconnect in a game for example, and we are working hard to get those features added.

The functionality of the game is our main priority and rest assured we will do our best to address any bugs or broken elements as soon as we can.

We hope that Blood Bowl 3 will be a game that is ever-evolving. Even the end of the roadmap is not the end of the road. We will continuously add content and events. We have big plans and ambitions for Blood Bowl 3 and these initial stumbling blocks don’t change that."

The post also goes into in-depth discussions about the game's monetisation systems, with the dev claiming that all of its micro-DLCs "are cosmetic only" in response to fan concerns.

"Next, we’d like to talk about monetization and appreciate this is a sensitive topic among the community. This is something we tried to communicate ahead of the launch, but we intend to implement features allowing players to be rewarded either with cosmetic items or Warpstone through play as well as purchase.

We know that we will probably not be able to convince all of you but we truly believe that our system is fair, rewarding and optional and that’s understandable."

If you're playing Blood Bowl 3 and would like to see a more detailed breakdown of the server issues & microtransaction concerns, the full community post is probably worth checking out. Hopefully these are just teething problems at launch and the team can get the game to where the community wants it to be in the coming months - the studio certainly sounds dedicated to the cause.

"Thank you for your time and for being so passionate about Blood Bowl. No matter the disappointment, we can always see the passion behind it and that is something that keeps us going and motivates us to turn things around."

Are you interested in Blood Bowl 3? Have you already played it? Let us know your thoughts on the situation down below.