Welcome to our roundup of all new Xbox games coming out in February 2023! Below, we've listed every Xbox game with a February 2023 release date, including all confirmed Xbox Game Pass releases so far.

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Without further ado, here are all the new games coming to Xbox in February 2023:

The Biggest New Releases Coming To Xbox In February 2023

  • Deliver Us Mars (February 2): "Deliver Us Mars is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure taking you on a suspense-fuelled, high-stakes mission to recover the ARK colony ships stolen by the mysterious Outward."
  • The Pathless (February 2): "From the creators of ABZÛ, The Pathless is the mythic adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest. Become the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world."
  • Hogwarts Legacy - Xbox Series X|S (February 10): "Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive, open-world action RPG. Now you can take control of the action and be at the center of your own adventure in the wizarding world."
  • Wanted: Dead (February 14): "Wanted: Dead is a new hybrid slasher/shooter from the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. The game follows a week in life of the Zombie Unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad on a mission to uncover a major corporate conspiracy."
  • Tales of Symphonia Remastered (February 17): "Dive back into Tales of Symphonia, an exciting and beloved action RPG, now with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay!"
  • Wild Hearts (February 17): "WILD HEARTS™ is a unique twist on the hunting genre, where technology gives you a fighting chance against fearsome beasts infused with the ferocious power of nature itself. Take on these creatures alone or hunt with friends in seamless co-op."
  • Atomic Heart (February 21): "In a mad and sublime utopian world, take part in explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent, use your environment and upgrade your equipment to fulfill your mission. If you want to reach the truth, you'll have to pay in blood."
  • Like a Dragon: Ishin (February 21): "Don the clothes and weaponry of the elite to become the samurai of legend, Sakamoto Ryoma. Draw your blade and join the revolution in this heated historical adventure."
  • Blood Bowl 3 (February 23): "Brutal, crazy, tactical… this is BLOOD BOWL! The iconic death sport returns with the new video game of fantasy football faithfully using the latest board game rules and new content. Create your team, then crush, mulch and cheat your way to the top... leaving your opponents in the graveyard."
  • Destiny 2: Lightfall (February 28): "In a Neptunian city under siege, find strength in your fellow Guardians as the end to all things approaches—the Witness is here. Arm yourself with new rewards and unlock new Dark powers to triumph in Lightfall’s unforgettable Legendary mode."

All New Xbox Games Coming Out In February 2023 (So Far)

  • Albacete Warrior (February 1)
  • ExitMan Deluxe (February 1)
  • Reactor X2 (February 1)
  • Rhythm Sprout (February 1)
  • Deliver Us Mars (February 2)
  • Fashion Police Squad (February 2)
  • Metal Black S-Tribute (February 2)
  • Puzzle Bobble Collection (February 2)
  • The Pathless (February 2)
  • Heirs of the Kings (February 3)
  • Speedway Racing (February 3)
  • Prison Tycoon: Under New Management (February 7)
  • Prizma Puzzle Prime (February 8)
  • Alice in Wonderland: A Jigsaw Puzzle Tale (February 9)
  • Repentant (February 9)
  • Bumblebee - Little Bee Adventure (February 10)
  • Hogwarts Legacy - Xbox Series X|S (February 10)
  • Looking For Aliens (February 10)
  • The Experiment: Escape Room (February 10)
  • Touchdown Pinball (February 10)
  • Journey to the Savage Planet - Xbox Series X|S (February 14)
  • Ten Dates (February 14)
  • Wanted: Dead (February 14)
  • Cities: Skylines Remastered (February 15)
  • Geometric Sniper: Blood In Paris (February 15)
  • Launcher Heroes (February 15)
  • Pocket Witch (February 15)
  • W.A.R.P. (February 15)
  • Pinball FX (February 16)
  • Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition (February 16)
  • CometStrikerDX (February 17)
  • CyberHeroes Arena DX (February 17)
  • Dark Burial: Enhanced Edition (February 17)
  • Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart (February 17)
  • Rise Of The Fox Hero (February 17)
  • Road Stones (February 17)
  • Rooftop Renegade (February 17)
  • Tales of Symphonia Remastered (February 17)
  • Wild Hearts (February 17)
  • Akka Arrh (February 21)
  • Atomic Heart (February 21)
  • Like a Dragon: Ishin (February 21)
  • Seven Doors (February 21)
  • Arcadia Fallen (February 22)
  • Remoteness (February 22)
  • Blood Bowl 3 (February 23)
  • Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator (February 23)
  • Grim Guardians: Demon Purge (February 23)
  • Midnight is Lost (February 23)
  • Planet Cube: Edge (February 23)
  • Remorse: The List (February 23)
  • Lootbox Lyfe+ (February 24)
  • SimAirport (February 24)
  • Catan: Console Edition (February 28)
  • Destiny 2: Lightfall (February 28)
  • Merge & Blade (February 28)
  • Scars Above (February 28)

Games Announced For Xbox Game Pass In February 2023 (So Far)

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