Xbox Research Survey Asks Fans If They Are 'Done Playing Halo Infinite'

Plenty of discussion regarding the future of Halo Infinite, and the studio behind it at 343 Industries, has been ongoing recently in the wake of mass layoffs at Microsoft. While we don't know the full details of just how badly the team has been affected by Microsoft's internal changes (there were certainly some job losses), it seems Xbox is gathering some fan opinions on how 343 has been handling Halo Infinite so far.

Spotted by Rebs Gaming on Twitter, Xbox's Research team has been handing out surveys relating to Halo Infinite and 343 Industries. In one pretty stark question, the survey asks fans straight up - "Are you done playing Halo Infinite?"

While this one is admittedly pretty on the nose, some of the survey's other questions go into a little more depth regarding 343's involvement with the game. One follow-up question asks fans whether they "trust" the team to deliver on promised content drops.

These are only general survey questions of course, and they don't tell us too much about what the future of the game actually looks like (Phil Spencer has already thrown his support behind 343 Industries), but still, Xbox has clearly seen some of the negative feedback surrounding Infinite and its live service so far.

In recent months, more features have finally been coming to the game though. In late 2022, 343 Industries notably added online campaign co-op and Forge mode to Infinite, roughly a year after Halo Infinite's initial launch in late 2021.

Are you "done" with Infinite? Let us know your thoughts on the game down below.