Halo Infinite has seen some major updates in recent weeks, especially with Forge's arrival in early November. The expansive toolset's addition to Infinite was quickly followed up by a brand-new custom game server browser for players to enjoy, and now, the team is pivoting towards what's coming during Season 3.

Infinite's third season is launching next spring, and in a recent livestream the team delivered a sneak peek at some of the update's biggest features. The timestamped video above begins right where the team starts to show some of this stuff off, beginning with a all-new start screen.

From there, we're treated to a look at Halo Infinite's latest weapon addition, the M392 Bandit (DMR), along with the team's latest work-in-progress map; a new Big Team Battle arena.

halo s3

There's also the new 'Shroud' equipment option, which is coming with Season 3 next March too. The Shroud provides a 'bubble' of sorts to protect players moving through busy areas of the map - you can hide in the Shroud or quickly pass through it to confuse or distract enemies!

It's all looking rather nice we must admit, and Halo Infinite finally feels like its gathering pace when it comes to post-launch updates. The team says a new arena map will also be joining the lineup in Season 3, although that particular map wasn't shown off here.

Are you still enjoying Halo Infinite? Looking forward to its third season? Let us know!