Xbox Game Pass RPG 'Lies Of P' Compared To Bloodborne In New Preview

One of the Xbox community's most anticipated 2023 Xbox Game Pass additions seems to be Lies of P, an upcoming soulslike RPG that's heading to the service sometime this year. Ahead of that launch, GamesRadar has previewed the upcoming title, and Lies of P is already giving off some serious Bloodborne vibes, apparently.

We can see those comparisons based purely on pre-release videos and screenshots to be honest, however the outlet has also come away with similar conclusions after actually going hands-on with a chunk of the game.

"There's a familiarity to Lies of P's design that's comfortable. The city of Krat is foreboding and labyrinthian, with paths forward blocked by locked gates, ladders out of reach, and shadowy corners packed with enemies just waiting to spring into action.

Like Bloodborne, combat is aggressive and encourages forward momentum – expressive movement is often the difference between life and respawning at an unlocked Stargazer without your collected Ergo."

The preview goes on to say that Lies of P could end up being divisive depending on how much of that 'Bloodborne vibe' the team ends up nailing, but still, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on with its day one Xbox Game Pass launch.

Of course, FromSoftware's Bloodborne never made it to Xbox platforms as the title was published by Sony, exclusively for PS4. Could this be our Bloodborne for Xbox? We'll have to wait and see when Lies of P hits Game Pass later this year.

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