As a result of the two systems containing a similarly powerful graphics processor, Xbox Series S has often drawn comparison to Sony's PS4 Pro in the visuals department. Of course, the Series S is much more advanced in other areas, but looking purely at graphical power, the two consoles are pretty close on paper.

As a result of that likeness, the team over at Digital Foundry has pitted the two systems against each other across a variety of AAA games including Elden Ring, The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, all of which have distinct last-gen and current-gen versions.

While resolution figures are often locked at similar numbers on both consoles, the video shows just how far ahead Xbox Series S is in 2023. At the beginning of the generation, the system would often use direct Xbox One S versions of games via backwards compatibility, but now that we're seeing a lot more native Xbox Series X|S ports, the system is faring much better. Result!

"In early 2023 the situation looks very different. Across a variety of cross-gen software, the Series S is in a much stronger position, delivering significantly more performant games than the enhanced last-gen consoles [PS4 Pro & Xbox One X].

With generational leaps in CPU speed and storage, the Series S has major fundamental advantages that eighth gen consoles simply can't match. Across a variety of titles including several that didn't quite make this video, older consoles like the PS4 Pro are getting left behind."

While we knew a lot of this already, especially when it comes to overall game performance, it's nice to see it all laid out in a neat comparison video. The Xbox Series S often gets labelled as 'not next-gen', but the system is clearly pulling ahead of last-gen consoles as optimisation for it improves.

What do you think to these findings? Happy with how Xbox Series S is performing? Let us know!