Xbox vampire survivors game pass

Indie hit Vampire Survivors has been going down a real treat since it arrived on Xbox Game Pass, especially since the console version dropped just a few short months ago. Despite the game's rapid rise to fame — including its popular 'Legacy of the Moonspell' DLC — the dev has been keen to stress that lots of future Vampire Survivors updates will be completely free of charge.

In fact, developer Poncle says that any key post-launch features will always be free, and that paid DLC like Legacy of the Moonspell will only provide extra levels and such over anything game-changing.

"Please remember that DLCs will only ever add more characters/weapons/stages and that the main game will keep getting updated regularly with main game mechanics and content (think Tiny Bridge-style patches) so that no key-feature will ever be gatekept by a paywall."

More DLC packs and updates, both paid and free, will continue to come to Vampire Survivors in 2023, although perhaps at a slightly slower pace than last year.

"Since the last few months were mental with v1.0, Xbox, mobile, and the DLC, please expect patches to be released at a slower pace compared to 2022, as we have to swap to a more sustainable release pipeline and also coordinate patches between a lot of platforms, not to say that, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we now have 2 different versions of the game to maintain."

Thanks to the game's inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, subscribers will be treated to plenty of vampiric goodness throughout 2023 at no extra charge. Oh, and if you do feel like throwing the dev team a bone, the game's first paid DLC costs just $2!

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