Vampire Survivors Gets Its First Xbox DLC This December, And It's Ridiculously Cheap

You recently told us that Vampire Survivors was your favourite Xbox Game Pass title in November 2022 by an absolute landslide, so you'll be glad to hear that the game is getting its first bit of DLC next week on Thursday, December 15th!

The DLC is called "Legacy of the Moonspell", and will feature eight new characters, over a dozen new weapons, six music tracks and one "HUGE" stage. The best news? It'll be just $1.99 to purchase across PC and Xbox.

Here's a bit more about what you can expect:

"In eastern lands, a clan has fallen. The Moonspell, once vigilant guardians of a sorcerous valley nestled in the mountains, have been overrun by hordes of yokai and oni. Though treacherous, this hive of spectral activity may provide some clue as to the location of a vampire. If not, at least it’ll be entertaining to defeat thousands of wayward spirits in the process."

In our review of Vampire Survivors for Xbox Series X, we called it "one of the best indie games of the year", praising it as "easily one of the top games you can play on Xbox and Game Pass in 2022 and beyond".

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also been enjoying his time with Vampire Survivors, seemingly putting a couple hundred hours into the game since it launched on Xbox last month, so it's safe to say he'll be checking out the DLC too!

Interested in this? How are you finding Vampire Survivors so far? Tell us down below.