Talking Point: What Would You Like To See From A Potential 'Xbox Direct' Showcase?

Well, well, well! Xbox has finally unveiled its much-rumoured upcoming showcase, officially dubbed 'Developer_Direct'. While the initial announcement goes over most of what we'll see at the showcase, we're still intrigued by Xbox's new format, and we're curious whether the team has any surprises in store for us!

By taking the 'Direct' route we're expecting something closer to a Nintendo Direct over Xbox's typical showcases (apparently there won't be any "hosts" in this show), albeit with more of a developer focus, and that concept has got us thinking about what we'd actually like to see Xbox show off here.

For us at PX HQ, we just want solid release dates for the games we already know about, alongside some fresh gameplay of course. It feels like forever that Starfield, Redfall and Forza Motorsport have been labelled has 'first half of 2023' games, and while we know Starfield won't be at the show, we think it's high time we got proper launch dates for those other two titles at least!

Although Xbox seems to have confirmed most of what we'll see already, we're hoping Xbox Game Pass also shows up with some extra reveals. We may hear about more of January additions between now and the event's air date, but given how light the month's first roundup was, we're thinking Xbox might have held some reveals back for the showcase!

So, yeah, is there a certain direction you think Xbox should take with this upcoming showcase? Focus purely on the games already confirmed to be there? Dedicate a good chunk of the event to Xbox Game Pass? Sneak in some extra first-party goodness? Let us know!

Leave your major Xbox showcase suggestions down in the comments below!