Talking Point: Should Xbox Start Doing Its Own 'Nintendo Direct' Style Showcases?

The Game Awards 2022 has now come and gone, with long-time host Geoff Keighley delivering another huge in-person event following the digital efforts of the pandemic times. While the show itself brought some great early looks at some of our now-most anticipated games (Judas, we're looking at you), there's no denying that things were a little quiet when it comes to Team Xbox.

Over the last couple years, we've gotten used to Xbox showing up in a big way at TGA. Remember back in 2019 when the team first revealed the Xbox Series X at Keighley's show? How about 2020's Perfect Dark reveal or last year's incredible Hellblade 2 demo? Whichever stands out the most to you, gaming's annual December show has been a sure-fire avenue for some big Xbox news in recent times.

However, Xbox broke the mould this year by basically ghosting the entire show. As we've mentioned, we saw some solid third-party games that will come to Xbox, and the team used the show to further push Game Pass of course, but no grand Xbox Game Studios reveals were present this year - which was disappointing for sure.

The whole ordeal does throw up a question though: is it time for Xbox to start creating its own dedicated showcase format? We've seen plenty of (very long) Xbox indie shows on Twitch over the past few years, along with the E3-replacement presentations as well, but it all feels a bit scattershot and the showcases scarcely follow the same format. Nintendo nailed its 'Direct' shows years ago, with Sony quickly following suit with its 'State of Play' format, so, should Xbox make it three out of three?

We can certainly see good reason for doing so. This year, Xbox clearly wasn't ready to reveal anything huge at The Game Awards, but if it created its own showcase format โ€” to be delivered as and when the team is ready โ€” Xbox can reveal whatever it wants, on its own terms. Neither Nintendo or Sony seem to stick with a set timing schedule for their direct shows, and Microsoft could definitely benefit from such flexibility.

Talking Point: Should Xbox Start Doing Its Own 'Nintendo Direct' Style Showcases? 2

In recent years, Microsoft has appeared to enjoy sticking with an E3-time show and something big for The Game Awards, with odd other reveals sprinkled throughout the year at consumer shows like Gamescom or even its old 'X0' events. However, it's starting to feel like that approach is being stretched thin, with an 'Xbox Direct' format seeming like an obvious move to shore things up after the company's disappointing TGA 2022 return.

It's not all bad news in the aftermath of this month's awards show though. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg has already said the team has "a lot planned" for 2023, even if things are still pretty vague at the time of writing.

We think it's about time those plans started becoming a little more focused, as Xbox has felt a bit all over the place in recent months. We know Starfield, Forza Motorsport and Redfall are all set to launch in 2023 - how about a lovely 'Xbox Direct' presentation to show them off early next year?

What do you think about all this? Should Xbox start delivering its own 'Direct' showcases?

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