These Three Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass (January 19-20)

Microsoft has finally given us a formal announcement for Xbox Game Pass in January 2023, although the only three games that been announced for the middle part of the month so far are Persona 3, Persona 4 and Monster Hunter Rise.

We already knew about all of these, so we're getting no surprises here, but the company has teased that "we're just getting warmed up" — and there are rumours that an Xbox event could be just around the corner.

"We’re just getting warmed up and we’ll be back soon with more games, more Perks, and more news."

Here's what was formally announced today by Microsoft:

Date Game Platform
January 19 Persona 3 Portable Console, PC, Cloud
January 19 Persona 4 Golden Console, PC, Cloud
January 20 Monster Hunter Rise Console, PC, Cloud

We've also got more Xbox Game Pass games confirmed for January 2023 already, but Microsoft hasn't included them in the roundup this time around. They include the likes of Age Of Empires 2 and Inkulinati.

In addition, six games are set to leave Xbox Game Pass in mid-January 2023 including Nobody Saves The World and We Happy Few. These games will be discounted by at least 20% until they're removed.

Thoughts on Xbox Game Pass in January 2023 so far? Let us know down in the comments below.