xbox dead space

EA Motive's upcoming Dead Space remake is right around the corner, and ahead of the game's Xbox Series X|S launch, the team has revealed how the game will perform on consoles.

"Console players" are getting two modes with this remake - a 'Quality' mode at 4K / 30FPS with ray tracing features, and a 'Performance' mode at 1440p / 60FPS without ray tracing.

The post doesn't break down how each individual console will perform here, but it's pretty safe to say these targets are for Xbox Series X and PS5 - the high-end console versions of the game.

For now, we're not exactly sure how the game will run on Xbox Series S specifically, but we'd expect these numbers to drop a little bit to get Dead Space running efficiently on Microsoft's all-digital machine. There's a chance Xbox Series S won't feature ray tracing either, as has been the case with other titles, but we hope it does manage to make its way in here.

Happy with these specs? Let us know if you're picking up 'Dead Space' at launch!