Deathloop Xbox Series S

After a year's worth of exclusivity on PS5, Bethesda's Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox, including Game Pass, this week! That's right, Arkane Studios brings its latest shooter to Xbox Series X and S today, September 20th, and here's how the game is set to perform across both new-gen Xbox consoles.

Xbox Series X features four modes in total, making it the most customisable of the two options. There's a 4K / 60FPS mode that prioritises frame rate, a 4K / 60FPS mode that prioritises graphics, a 4K / 30FPS mode with ray tracing and a 1080p / 120FPS mode with VRR support. Phew, that's a lot of options!

Over on Xbox Series S, the setup is a little simpler according to Klobrille on Twitter. Just two modes appear to be available there; a 1080p / 60FPS frame rate mode, and a 1080p / 60FPS graphics mode. At present, the Xbox Series S doesn't seem to support ray tracing, or 120FPS.

This is a solid turnout across both Xbox consoles, although given Series S has two 60FPS modes, we're surprised to see no form of 30FPS mode at all, even if it'd just enable a higher resolution. We'll have to wait and see if Arkane delivers any post-launch performance updates!

What do you make of this? Happy with the turnout? Let us know!