High on Life finally hits Xbox Game Pass in just a few hours as part of the December 2022 Xbox Game Pass lineup, and ahead of that launch we've been spending plenty of time with the PC version to see how things are shaping up thus far.

The result of that test is this very video, featuring 14 minutes of brand-new High on Life gameplay! This is pre-launch code before any sort of day one patch potentially arrives, so do bare that in mind before diving in.

Although our review isn't quite ready yet, we've already been seeing a few scores hit the web for High on Life earlier today, and most outlets seem to be fairly positive about the game so far.

Last month, we also sat down with Squanch Games to talk about its bonkers first person shooter, and how much the developer enjoyed working with Xbox on the team's upcoming Game Pass launch:

Are you playing High on Life on day one with Xbox Game Pass? Come let us know!