Microsoft Flight Simulator Reaches 10 Million Players Across Xbox & PC

The incredible Microsoft Flight Simulator is today celebrating 10 million players across Xbox consoles, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Windows PC, 27 months after it first released (for PC) back in August of 2020.

In addition to that figure, it's also been confirmed that players have taken 500 million flights and have flown 40 billion miles, which is the equivalent of 10 million trips around the Earth and 200 round trips from the Earth to the Sun.

"We would not have reached any of these milestones without the continued support of our amazing community and their ongoing engagement and contributions."

The team has been extremely busy ever since the game launched on Xbox Game Pass two years ago, adding 27 free updates to the game during that time, as well as the 40th Anniversary Edition on Xbox Game Pass back in November.

Asobo Studio also has "exciting plans for 2023 and beyond" so there are no signs of Microsoft Flight Simulator slowing down anytime soon — in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if we're still talking about this game in another ten years!

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What Do You Think Of Microsoft Flight Simulator?