Supermassive Games, the team behind The Quarry and PS4's Until Dawn, has launched its latest The Dark Pictures Anthology title with The Devil in Me, out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. A selection of reviews are also now live as the game launches, with this one getting a somewhat mixed, but generally positive reception so far.

GameSpew (9/10)

"Rarely putting a foot wrong in terms of production and storytelling, we’ve loved every moment we’ve spent with The Devil in Me, an absolutely wonderful conclusion to The Dark Pictures Anthology’s first season."

COGConnected (8.4/10)

"The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is a fitting end to the season. Each game celebrates the many facets of horror but this title resonates in a way that surpasses previous entries in the franchise."

Stevivor (8/10)

"The Devil in Me is a clear demonstration that Supermassive is learning from the grand experiment that is The Dark Pictures. It not only finishes Season 1 with a bang, but has me incredibly excited for what’s to come."

PlayStation Universe (7.5/10)

"Supermassive Games rounds off its first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology with its strongest entry yet in the shape of The Devil In Me. It's a bit undercooked on the technical side, and it takes a while to get moving properly, but when you get to the meat of the game, it's up there with Supermassive's most confident work."

Checkpoint Gaming (7/10)

"With obstructive shifting walls and deadly traps waiting around every corner so that you’re never really sure when you’re safe or not, The Devil in Me is a very alluring setting for horror fans."

Push Square (6/10)

"The Devil in Me is another competent and enjoyable enough entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, but it fails to reach the heights of House of Ashes or even Little Hope. With a lot of potential squandered, it's left to the familiar gameplay loop of past instalments to deliver a robust title. With some new features, the season one finale offers just enough to make the deadly trip worthwhile for fans."

IGN (5/10)

"The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me’s tour through a maniac’s mansion is disappointingly lacking in any real menace or surprise."

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me currently sits at 74 on Metacritic (for PS5) at the time of writing, which is a pretty respectable score to be honest! It sounds like another solid Dark Pictures effort that doesn't quite match up to either Until Dawn or The Quarry, but still contains some good spooks for any horror aficionados out there.

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