Phil Spencer Shares Message With Xbox Fans On Thanksgiving 2022

If you're celebrating it today, then happy Thanksgiving! As you may have noticed, team Xbox has been very quiet over the past 24 hours (we haven't even had any Free Play Days titles), and that's because Thanksgiving is taking priority.

However, we have seen a few messages from various Xbox employees marking the occasion, including Xbox boss Phil Spencer who took to Twitter earlier today to say "thank you" to Xbox fans and the wider gaming industry:

"Thinking back to me as a kid scoring a Pong to the job I have today, it's all made possible by amazing community, teams, family, industry and friends I'm lucky to be a part of. Sitting with my family on Thanksgiving reflecting, I just wanted to say Thank You for everything."

The official Xbox Twitter pages have been getting pretty creative with their Thanksgiving celebrations, too!

Although we haven't seen any sign of a dedicated Xbox Thanksgiving 2022 sale just yet, a few choice games have received discounts today including Sonic Frontiers, and don't forget that the Xbox Black Friday 2022 sale doesn't end until November 30th, so there are plenty of great deals if you're in the mood to buy something this Thanksgiving!

From all of us here at Pure Xbox, have a great Thanksgiving!