Halo Infinite is receiving its Winter Update next week on November 8th, and apart from the co-op campaign, Forge mode, and various updates to the multiplayer including new maps, there'll also be a new Battle Pass.

In the lead-up to this new update, 343 Industries has now shared a video preview of the game's free Battle Pass, made up of 30 tiers. It will also allow 343 to test Match XP as a progression system, the challenge change updates and more.

This latest Battle Pass is also intended to be a "thank you" to players. It's "filled with items inspired by Halo Reach" and some other "fan-favourite" customisation content like the legendary Mark V helmet at tier 30. Take a look above.

Halo Infinite Outlines Winter Update's Free Battle Pass, Coming Nov 8th 2
Image: Xbox

343 says there'll also be some "cool rewards" coming in events throughout the Winter Update - including a bunch of holiday-themed rewards. At the end of the video, there's also a brief preview of how Match XP looks presented in-game as well as overhauled challenges (around the 9:25 mark).

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