Following on from 343's Halo Infinite Season 3 update last week, it's now released its first official look at the game's Forge mode.

This is the first installment of a four-part "Forge Fundamentals" series and this first episode looks at the basics of building. There's a recreation of an area from Infinite's story mode, a look at object scaling (including a Giga Grunt), textures and much more.

Perhaps one interesting point to note is the number of objects that can now be placed (compared to the previous version of Forge). It's gone from a limit of 1600 objects to "around" 7000 objects per level. It's described by Forge's lead designer Michael Schorr as being a "huge" improvement.

343 previously mentioned how the Forge Beta will launch on 8th November. The team will be showcasing more Forge in the "coming weeks" - with a focus on scripting next, lighting, and then asset management and file browsing.

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