Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries

Next week on November 8th, Halo Infinite is getting its big Winter Update. It will add a new co-op campaign feature, Forge mode, and expand upon the game's multiplayer. In the latest blog on Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries has gone into detail about the Match XP Beta and the overhauled Battle Pass progression system.

Match XP

Match XP will be rewarded across every mode, and player performance will also tie in with those rewards. Match XP can be gained by completing matches, being on the winning team, your own end-of-match placement, and more. Below is a screenshot of what the end-of-match screen will look like:

Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries

As Match XP is still in beta, it means 343 will be monitoring values and adjusting them based on feedback and more going forward. It also means it's not finalised just yet and is subject to change.

Challenges and Ultimate Rewards

With Match XP coming into play, going forward Challenges will "redirected" be used to provide a "bonus boost".

"Completion of Challenges will still provide some XP, but they will now primarily serve as the path towards earning customization items each week through the Ultimate Reward."

The Winter Update's Ultimate Rewards will also feature some of the "most popular" rewards from the first two seasons of Halo Infinite, allowing players to grab them if they missed out the first time.

Here's the summary of the upcoming overhaul based on player feedback (via Waypoint):

  • We are reducing the number of Challenges required to hit the Ultimate Challenge from 20 to 10
  • All Challenges in regular weekly decks can be completed in any playlist
  • Challenges are more “general” overall

And also:

"The Winter Update will mark the beginning of shifting all challenges to be playlist agnostic. For the time being, Event Challenges will remain in their current form, tied to their respective Event Playlists, but players can expect to see this change in the future as well.

"These overhauls to progression also mean that a Fireteam of friends can stick together and move through their Weekly Challenges and Battle Passes without needing to worry about each player’s individual challenges."

Career Progression

343 is also hard at work on an "overarching career progression system" - with more to share in the future and much more "broader changes" to come.

Halo Infinite's Winter Update rolls out November 8th on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox One. Will you be checking it out? Comment below.

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