We're now just over two weeks away from the release of Gotham Knights on October 21st for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and select outlets have today been publishing their final hands-on previews ahead of its launch.

The results are... interesting! Some of the critics seem to be really excited by what they've played so far, while others have some notable concerns. We've picked up some quotes from a variety of today's previews below:


"Gotham Knights is not an easy game to demo, and while I walked away from my hands-on time less than impressed with many aspects of combat, I still found myself interested in playing more."


"Gotham Knights feels like a game that is at odds with itself in so many ways, whether that's the gameplay and the story, or what it is as an RPG versus where it came from as an action game. It's hard to say how this will all shake out, but--taking the optimistic perspective--although it is at risk of fumbling what made the Arkham games so much fun to play, it also has the potential to deliver the stories and character that also made them so compelling."


"Gotham Knights isn't an Arkham game, then. After my hands-on time, I now agree. But it is an insight into combat-focused action games that unfold in Gotham City in a world post-Arkham. And that for me, and I'm sure for many fans of the DC universe, is no bad thing at all."


"While I’m eager to dive into the full game, I left my preview session feeling satisfied that Gotham Knights will offer something unique. The Arkham DNA is still there, and some of the traversal systems feel slightly inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man, but this tale of four heroes trying to keep Batman’s legacy alive has hooked me."


"I'm loath to be too harsh on Gotham Knights when we're still a few weeks away from launch. But at the moment it's underwhelming, and underwhelming in terms of real substance, rather than technical performance..."


"Add in the multiplayer co-op and some genuinely fantastic level design, and Gotham Knights could provide a compelling offering. Whether you’re a bat-fan or just eager to get the RPG experience in a big punchy wrapper, there’s plenty to be excited about when the game launches later this month."


"Looking back at my time with Gotham Knights, I can't quite say it will blow players away and serve up something truly unique and beyond what we've already seen in the action-brawler genre. But, if you like the Arkham games, if you're fan of DC, and are looking for a chance to return to Gotham City, there's a lot to look forward to here."

As you can see, there's a lot to unpack with these previews! It'll be fascinating to see what the reviews are like in a couple of weeks' time, and we're also hoping to provide a review here at Pure Xbox, so keep your eyes peeled...

Do you think Gotham Knights will be worth a purchase? Give us your thoughts down below.