You may or may not have noticed over the past month that a new game has been creeping into the "Top Free" games on the Xbox Store - that game is Starlit Kart Racing, which actually first released on Xbox on September 1st, but it's only now beginning to pick up a bit of steam.

So, what is Starlit Kart Racing, and is it actually worth your time? It's essentially a fairly generic kart racing game for up to four players, complete with a variety of modes (including plenty of tournaments), and as we mentioned before it's free to download. Plus, it comes with 1000G worth of achievements for you to complete.

The big downside to Starlit Kart Racing is that it's littered with microtransactions, encouraging you to spend real money to unlock new racers, cups and even difficulty levels. If you're looking to get the full (or nearly the full) 1000G out of this game and you're not willing to spend real money, be warned you'll be grinding for a very long time.

The game isn't the best, then, but if you're interested in just goofing around with a free kart racer, or maybe you just want to grab a few more easy achievements, it's worth a download at just over 1GB. You can grab it right now on Xbox!

Come show your skills as a pilot and your intelligence to use the super powers of karts! With this perfect combination, you will be the great Starlit Kart champion! Adrenaline fuels the mind-boggling races between heroes and villains from Starlit Adventures! Do you dare to join this team?

Have you tried Starlit Kart Racing yet? Let us know down in the comments below.

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