Roundup: Here's What The Critics Are Saying About 'New Tales From The Borderlands'

Although a lot of today's discussion has been about Gotham Knights and its arrival on current-gen consoles this week, we can't forget that Gearbox's New Tales from the Borderlands also launches tomorrow, October 21st.

Ahead of that launch, the game's review embargo has lifted and it appears to be getting a decent reception so far! Here's what the critics are saying about New Tales from the Borderlands in early reviews:

COGConnected (9.2/10)

"New Tales from the Borderlands is immensely entertaining, exceptionally well written, and acted with pitch-perfect attention to character. I wish the action wasn’t so restricted to quick-time events, because a full-on action game with such quality of humor and characters would be a hands-down GOTY contender. After replaying the original Tales from the Borderlands, it was obvious how much the new game improves on the first."

GamesRadar (4/5)

"It's hard to do anything but recommend New Tales from the Borderlands with a toothy grin and a hearty backslap. Everything you loved about the original Telltale game is here only bigger, better, and this time, there's a vengeful talking gun. Seriously. What else do you need?"

IGN (7/10)

"New Tales from the Borderlands successfully recaptures a lot of Telltale’s original magic with a fresh, funny, and affable new set of main characters, but unfortunately it also introduces new problems – both in the story and in some half-hearted game mechanics – that gum up the works."

Windows Central (7/10)

"New Tales from the Borderlands is a solid narrative adventure game, but it fails to live up to the standards set by the original. Even though it has great gameplay systems and presentation, the story's disjointed structure, lack of adequate character development, and spotty comedic writing left me feeling disappointed."

Gamespot (7/10)

"New Tales from the Borderlands manages to accomplish many of the narrative highs of its predecessor by providing a glimpse into how normal, everyday people handle the outrageous going-ons of the Borderlands series. The story is helped along by the narrative arcs of its three main characters, each of which feeds into and builds on one another. The narrative momentum stalls mid-way through the story, but New Tales from the Borderlands manages to finish strong, delivering a charmingly fun space western adventure."

Destructoid (3/10)

"If you’re asking my opinion, don’t play New Tales of from the Borderlands. Or maybe pool your money together with your friends and do it in like an ironic, The Room-style playthrough. Thankfully this game won’t detract from my enjoyment of the original Tales, but it’s a real shame to think of how this could have built on that first game. Unlike its predecessor, I don’t think New Tales from the Borderlands is a title I’ll ever be returning to."

Well, it appears that a solid 7/10 score is about where most critics are landing with this one! New Tales from the Borderlands currently sits at a 71 average right now on Metacritic, ahead of the game's public release on Friday.

Will you be giving this one a go over the weekend? Come let us know in the comments below!