Disney Dreamlight Valley has undoubtedly proved a massive hit since it launched on Xbox Game Pass back in September, and it just received its very first major update earlier this week, adding The Lion King's Scar to the game.

One feature that wasn't highlighted as part of the new update, however, is the fact that the game finally now runs at 60 frames per-second on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, rather than the 30FPS it launched with.

Having played the game at both 30FPS and 60FPS, the latter really does make a big difference, although we've seen reports from Xbox players that there's still quite a bit of stuttering since the update, and another issue is that the patch seems to have caused more instances of crashing on Xbox Series X and Series S over the past few days.

There are still a few teething issues, then, but it's nice to see 60FPS finally rolling out to current-gen Xbox consoles, and considering Disney Dreamlight Valley is an early access game, everything should be ironed out by the full release.

Have you been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley recently? Thoughts on the update? Tell us down below.