Deals: All Backwards Compatible Games In This Week's Xbox Sales (October 11-18)

This week's latest selection of Xbox deals is now live, and as always we've got a few backwards compatible games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 eras mixed in. Not many of them this time, but enough to keep us going!

Below, we've included every single Xbox 360 and original Xbox game available over the next week. Keep in mind that if you're interested in Mafia 2, the Definitive Edition is also on sale this week at just a slightly higher price.

Note: Some of the deals below might only be available to buy via the old Xbox 360 Marketplace, and not the modern Xbox Store. The links in the table will (where applicable) take you to that older version of the marketplace.

Most of the following backwards compatible deals are expected to expire on Tuesday, October 11th.

Game Sale Discount
Bound By Flame Focus Publisher Sale 80%
Darwinia+ Indie Hits Sale 75%
Faery: Legends of Avalon Focus Publisher Sale 80%
Mafia II (Definitive Edition also on sale this week) Deals With Gold 75%
Misadventures PB Winterbottom Deals With Gold 80%
RAW – Realms of Ancient War Focus Publisher Sale 70%
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Deals With Gold 75%
Sid Meier’s Pirates! Deals With Gold 75%
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Deals With Gold 85%
XCOM Enemy Within Deals With Gold 80%

Will you be picking up any Xbox classics this week? Let us know down below.

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