Searching for content on Xbox has always been a bit hit and miss, and that extends to secondary devices like mobile as well. Players have long complained about the usefulness — or lack thereof — of the search bar on the Xbox app on mobile, and well, Microsoft seems to be making some changes.

A new update for the Xbox app has just gone live, at least in beta form. Among the patch notes is this welcome change from Xbox:

"Game search improvements! We heard you, and we've been improving the algorithm that powers game searches."

Now, how much of an improvement this actually makes in the long term remains to be seen, as the search function previously seemed to have its good days and bad days. However, the team has been aware of this particular complaint for at least a couple of months, so we're keeping our fingers crossed this fix does the trick! Hopefully the app can now avoid situations like this at least:


We should see this update rollout to the main app in the coming weeks, improving the search bar function for all Xbox app users.

Will this be a huge help to you? Let us know in the comments!