The Xbox App's Search Bar Is Getting A Lot Of Negative Feedback

We've been seeing a lot of negativity directed towards the search bar on the Xbox app for mobile devices recently, and the most recent example stems from a post over on the Xbox Series X Reddit community about the situation.

It's been noted on various occasions that sometimes, when you search for a game, you get different results than you'd expect, with the Dead Cells image above being an example — and it's resulted in some pretty damning comments:

To be honest, the search bar on the Xbox app usually works well enough for us here at Pure Xbox, although we did have a notable problem with getting Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy to show up in the results a few weeks ago when it arrived on Game Pass, and Microsoft seems to have manually fixed that issue since then.

There's no doubt that the search functionality on the Xbox app could do with a few tweaks at the very least, although we haven't heard anything from Microsoft about whether any plans are in the works. Aside from this, we've generally been very pleased with the Xbox app in recent months, especially its excellent Remote Play feature.

Have you been struggling with the search feature in the Xbox app? Let us know in the comments.