Team Xbox Is 'Very Aware' Of The Store's Dodgy Search Function

It's no secret that the Xbox Store isn't perfect for finding content, especially when it comes to searching for games. At times, the search function doesn't work as intended, and you can't really find the games you want without some serious messing about. Well, the good news is that Xbox is aware of the issue, even if a fix hasn't been outlined yet.

In a Twitter thread about issues with the Xbox mobile app, one commenter forwarded some concerns about the search functionality, which we've talked about here before at Pure Xbox, and got an answer from an Xbox employee:

As you can see, Xbox's Eden Marie responded to the query, saying that the team is "very aware" of the issue. Hopefully, this means some sort of fix or improvement is on the way, although Marie didn't commit to anything here.

We've come across these issues on multiple occasions, sometimes on the console as well as the app, and we hope to see changes in the future. Xbox's dash and Store have certainly improved since the early Xbox One days, but there's definitely still room for improvement.

Have you experienced these search issues? Hoping for a fix? Let us know down below.