Scorn Xbox Game Pass

Things are moving full steam ahead for Ebb Software's upcoming sort-of-horror title Scorn. Recently, the team showcased the first eight or so minutes of the game's prologue chapter, and now the dev has conducted a Reddit AMA to talk all things Scorn - and it's dropped some interesting tidbits on development!

One of the very first questions asked was about Xbox Series S, specifically how the team found things developing for Microsoft's less-powerful new system. In short, the team found it challenging to get the game in-shape on Series S, but it got there in the end.

The developer was also asked whether a delay was possible - which is understandable given the game's troubled development history. We'd say this is a pretty confident answer to that one though:

So, yeah, expect Scorn to hit Xbox Series X and S, including Xbox Game Pass, on October 21st! If you fancy taking a good look at the full AMA, all the questions & answers are laid out over on Reddit.

Will you be diving into this weird and wonderful world on day one? Let us know below!