State Of Decay 3
Image: Undead Labs / Xbox

One upcoming Xbox project that we still don't know much about is State of Decay 3 by the team at Undead Labs.

The Microsoft-owned developer has so far shared a brief announcement trailer, and apart from that, they've been hiring for the project. For those who are excited about the third game, you're not alone. Microsoft Gaming's CEO, Phil Spencer, is just as pumped for this one.

In a special appearance on Xbox Era's 100th podcast, Spencer was asked what he was looking forward to the most, and he's really excited for the third entry in this series after playing the second game:

"...this one's probably not that big of a surprise for people who have watched me play, but I was a big State of Decay 2 player...looking at State of Decay 3, I'm incredibly excited about some of the advancements they're going to make. They've had this pattern - they've talked about it publically from State of Decay 1, to 2, to 3 and what they want to do, and we haven't shown a lot [of SoD3]... it's a game I really enjoy playing, I'm a big co-op player, I like building, I like resourcing...and I'm really excited about where that team's going."

Spencer added how he didn't intend to "exclude anyone" and Xbox had "so many teams, that are doing so much great work" right now.

When State of Decay 3 does eventually arrive on the Xbox, it'll be made available on Xbox Game Pass. Are you looking forward to this next chapter in the series? Have you tried out any of the previous games? Leave a comment down below.