Amongst the madness of the GoldenEye 007 announcements yesterday, Bethesda released a free update for Fallout 76 on Xbox Game Pass titled "The Pitt", and it's an absolutely huge download across nearly all platforms!

The update introduces Expeditions to the game, allowing you travel beyond the borders of Appalachia with up to three other teammates to complete "challenging and repeatable Missions". Anyone can access this part of Fallout 76 for free, but be warned that it's targeted at players who are level 50+ for the best experience:

Expeditions in Fallout 76 are repeatable story-based missions set in The Pitt. Anyone can sign up for an Expedition solo or with a team, but be warned, it’s dangerous out there and we suggest reaching Level 50 or higher for the best experience. With each Expedition you complete, you’ll earn loot, including legendary items, Scrip, Treasury Notes, or even Stamps – an all-new currency used to claim Expeditions-specific rewards!

In addition, there's also an all-new season, Whitespring Refuge hub and much more. All of this is included with the base version of Fallout 76 on Xbox Game Pass, so you can download it right now and start playing.

As for those file sizes... yeah, they're pretty eye-watering if you're on a slow connection. Although the patch notes suggest otherwise, it looks like 63GB is about the average on Xbox, while PlayStation is slightly lower. The official word is that it's actually supposed to be over 80GB on Xbox, so let's at least be grateful it's not quite that high!

Have you downloaded Fallout 76: The Pitt yet? Let us know your thoughts on it below.