The excellent Disney Dreamlight Valley has only just launched on Xbox Game Pass (ahead of its free-to-play release in 2023), but it's already looking ahead to new content, with a brand-new Toy Story adventure arriving this fall.

In the update, you'll be able to explore the Toy Story Realm with Woody and Buzz, after which you'll also be able to bring them back to Dreamlight Valley to live alongside the many other characters in the base game.

Discover the brand-new Toy Story adventure coming this fall in Dreamlight Valley! Explore the Toy Story realm with Woody and Buzz and bring your new friends to the Valley.

Prior to the Toy Story update, we've also been informed of a "first update" that will add the Lion King villain Scar along with various other surprises at some point over the next couple of months. Keep an eye out for that!

If you haven't tried Disney Dreamlight Valley yet, here are some of our initial hands-on impressions:

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