battlefield 2042 event

Battlefield 2042's first update since season 2 launched late last month has been revealed, featuring a major rework to one of the game's base maps, Renewal. Elsewhere, the patch is filled with bug fixes, mostly, but developer DICE has teased something intriguing for next month.

Sometime around "mid October", a brand new event is coming to Battlefield 2042 that sounds like it'll mix things up quite a bit from the base game. DICE says to "expect new earnable cosmetics alongside infantry only gameplay with tight playspaces and intense close-quarters combat."

Battlefield is known for its sprawling, open maps and varied combat approaches — as the name suggests — so this event should provide a nice change of pace. Battlefield has dabbled in a tighter combat design before, especially with its fittingly named "Close Quarters" DLC pack for Battlefield 3.

As for 2042, it's been a rough ride so far but the reception seems to have picked up around season 2's launch. Fans will be hoping DICE can continue to deliver content throughout the game's 2nd year of support.