DICE has lifted the lid on Season 2 of Battlefield 2042, as we get on for almost a year since the game first dropped. It's been a disappointingly slow post-launch cycle for the latest Battlefield title, which is about to get just its second new map.

That map is 'Stranded', based in and around a huge beached cargo ship full of plenty of shipping containers to fight over. It looks broadly similar to existing 2042 maps thematically, with more of a focus on interior fighting.

The new specialist arriving in Season 2 is 'Charlie Crawford', a "charismatic ex-arms dealer" who carries a giant stationary minigun around with him at all times, apparently. Crawford's secondary ability is a cache point for extra gadget ammo.

2042 Season2

True to its name, 'Master of Arms' also adds three new weapons — an assault rifle, an SMG and an LMG — and two additional ground vehicles for players to utilise. All the new content arrives on August 30th, alongside a fresh battle pass.

On the face of it, this sounds like a fairly solid update. However, since launch last November, this is just the second content update of its kind, and Battlefield 2042 still feels starved of new stuff. Still, hopefully it won't be too long until it gets added to EA Play and we can all go hands on with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That should be just a few months away folks!

Are you still playing 2042? If not, will this update bring you back? Let us know!