Hitman3 Agent

Developer IO Interactive brought its latest Hitman title to Xbox Game Pass back in January, a full year after it initially launched on all major platforms. It's arguably been one of the biggest Game Pass launches of the year so far, and the importance of its addition also seems to be true for the developer itself.

As spotted by industry analyst DarkDetective, Hitman 3 has performed really well for the team; enough to help IO's revenue streams "overperform" in Hitman 3's launch year. However, the Xbox Game Pass deal looks like it might make year 2 even more profitable.

The developer says that the money generated from the Game Pass deal, along with the game's launch on Steam, means fiscal year 2022 projections are "higher than the expectations last year". Basically, if things carry on as they are, IO expects Hitman 3 to be even more profitable in its 2nd year on the market.

This looks like a great deal for the team then, as its upcoming projects like the announced 007 title appear to be a ways off yet - potentially even as late as 2025. The actual numbers surrounding the Xbox Game Pass deal for Hitman 3 haven't been shared, but it's safe to say it was worth it for the developer, and then some!

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