Hitman Trilogy Lands On Xbox Game Pass With All-New Game Mode

Update: IO Interactive has confirmed that PC Game Pass subscribers will have access to the VR versions of all three Hitman games as of today. As noted on the Hitman 3's official support page;

After the 3.100 patch on 20 January 2022, HITMAN 3 will support VR on all PC platforms that the game is available. In short, it's the game that allows you to play in VR, not the platform.
Whether you play HITMAN 3 on Steam, Epic Games Store or Windows PC (Microsoft Store), including PC Game Pass, HITMAN VR will be available to you on our supported hardware.

Original Story:

IO Interactive's phenomenal Hitman Trilogy has made its way to Xbox Game Pass today and alongside the three core games, which offer up endless top-notch stealth sandbox action, we're also being treated to a brand new mode that's been added as part of Hitman 3's Year 2 content drop.

The all-new Elusive Target Arcade launches today, kicking off with three contracts for players to get stuck into that task you with taking out multiple marks, with the difficulty increasing as you progress through a line-up of shady mugs plucked from all three games in the World of Assassination series. Fail to take down a target and you'll be forced to wait a full 12 hours before you can try again. There's exclusive rewards to grab for succeeding in Elusive Target Arcade too and, thankfully, it's not a one-time deal like the game's original Elusive Contract mode, meaning you can keep trying over and over in order to scoop up goodies.


Alongside this new mode, IO Interactive has detailed a host of other bits and bobs that are due to drop over the course of the next few months, including a brand-new map going by the name of Rocky, and, most excitingly, VR support which also arrives today on PC. We're still not 100% sure if PC players are able to jump into VR mode via their PC Game Pass subscriptions, but we'll be sure to keep you updated once we get a chance to check it all out.

For those who have been asking, Hitman Trilogy is essentially just a compilation of various Hitman 3 content on the Microsoft Store, including the Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 Access Passes. It's available to download right now, and you're looking at a file size of around 56GB to 75GB depending on the platform you're playing on.

Will you be jumping in to the Hitman Trilogy on Game Pass today? Looking forward to checking out the new mode and maybe even taking out some targets in VR? Let us know below!

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