Update (Thu 11th Aug, 2022): Today's the day! Iron Galaxy's new free-to-play brawler RumbleVerse is now available on Xbox, and you can check out the fresh launch trailer for the game in the video above.

Here's a bit more information from the studio about what to expect:

"Rumbleverse is set in Grapital City, a place that was built by champions as a monument to the glorious traditions of melee combat. Every citizen of this city dreams of being the last one standing in the Rumble. You’re invited to join them.

This new competitive experience brings 40 players together to see who is the best. The combat is wild and the setting is hilarious. You’ll see what we mean when you chokeslam someone from the top of a building onto the corner of Jabrone Street and Pile Drive."

Original story (Thu 14th Jul, 2022): Iron Galaxy, the team that took over development for Killer Instinct seasons two and three, is back with another brawler on Xbox. This time, it's a more cartoony affair with Rumbleverse, a free-to-play fighter now coming August 11th.

The dev is dubbing this one a "brawler-royale", where 40 players duke it out in a giant arena on a mission to become the last one standing. There's no ranged combat involved so it does separate itself from Fortnite in that way - it certainly doesn't stray far from that famous battle royale's art style!

Following the game's August 11th launch date, the developer, alongside publisher Epic Games, will deliver season one of post-launch content. This kicks off just one week after the game drops, on August 18th.

Will you be checking out Rumbleverse, or is it a bit too Fortnite-y for your tastes? Let us know in the comments!