The team behind Killer Instinct Seasons Two and Three (Iron Galaxy) announced their new title in partnership with Epic Games at The Game Awards 2021, which takes the form of a free-to-play "Brawler-Royale" called Rumbleverse.

The game will see up to 40 players brawling it out in the streets of Grapital City with elbow drops, powerbombs, dropkicks and more as they "scale, leap and vault across the city streets and rooftops". There are no guns in Rumbleverse whatsoever — the idea is that you have to "duke it out the old-fashioned way."

You can sign up for early access right now over at the official Rumbleverse website, with a 'First Look' taking place today, and an Early Access Beta starting on February 8th, 2022. There's no final release date for the game as of yet.

This city was built to celebrate the glorious traditions of melee combat – and you’re invited! Create a unique champion. Get shot out of a cannon. Smash crates to find upgrades.

Pick a fight and battle to the last.

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