Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Former Xbox executive Ed Fries has appeared on a recent Xbox podcast warning about the potential impacts of Xbox Game Pass. While Fries admits he enjoys the service from a customer point of view, he says he's worried that it could lead to decreased game sales.

"So Game Pass makes me nervous. As a customer, I love it. I love Spotify as a customer, gee I have all the songs I ever want I can just play around with them, it's great, great deal as a customer. But, it isn't necessarily great for the industry."

Fries compares Xbox Game Pass quite broadly to Spotify. He says the music streaming platform "destroyed the music business" by diminishing the importance of buying songs.

"Game Pass scares me because there's a somewhat analogist thing called Spotify that was created for the music business. When Spotify took off it destroyed the music business. It literally cut the annual revenue of the music business in half, and, it's made it so people just don't buy songs anymore."

In the past, we've heard Microsoft and certain developers push back on this sort of narrative, claiming that Game Pass actually increases game sales by opening titles up to a whole new audience. Clearly, Fries is still worried about the service's long term impact even if games seem to be benefitting from Game Pass at present. Here's a timestamp of the discussion:

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