guardians of the galaxy game pass

There's often speculation on how Xbox manages to entice developers and publishers onto Game Pass. Sure, companies will be attracted by the service's huge customer base, but beyond that, we're often left in the dark.

However, industry analyst David Gibson has shed some light on the process, using one recent game as an example. According to Gibson, who's spent 15 years covering Square Enix, Microsoft spent in the region of $5-10 million to get Guardians of the Galaxy on Game Pass. That's a pretty hefty sum!

This is probably at the higher end of the Game Pass price scale, if accurate, given how big of a name GOTG is. Even so, this kind of price leaves us wondering: how much does Xbox pay for day one launches?!

The answer is probably quite a lot, especially if we're talking AAA titles. Either way, it's clear Xbox is continuing to invest heavily in Game Pass to keep players subscribed for as long as possible.

Does this sound like a lot to you? Or did you expect that price to be higher? Let us know your thoughts.